Dipl.-Ing. Florian Taurer BSc

  • Junior Researcher
    Digital Technologies Research Group
    Institute of Creative\Media/Technologies
  • Department of Media and Digital Technologies
Location: A - Campus-Platz 1
P: +43/2742/313 228 685

Study programmes

  • Smart Engineering (BA)


  • Media and Digital Technologies

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Selected Publications


Jakl, A., Zahorka, F., Taurer, F., Pflegerl, J., Heller, M., Größbacher, S., Judmaier, P., & Doppler, J. (2021). Smart Companion Active AI Assistant to Support Autonomous Living.
Jandl, C., Taurer, F., Hartner-Tiefenthaler, M., Wagner, M., Moser, T., & Schlund, S. (2021). Perceptions of Using Tracking and Tracing Systems in Work Environments. In F. F.-H. Nah & K. Siau (Eds.), HCI in Business, Government and Organizations (Vol. 12783, pp. 384–398). Springer International Publishing.
Zeppelzauer, M., Ringot, A., & Taurer, F. (2018, July 19). SoniControl - A Mobile Ultrasonic Firewall [Demo Talk]. ACM Multimedia 2018, Seoul, South Korea.
Zeppelzauer, M., Ringot, A., & Taurer, F. (2018). SoniControl - A Mobile Ultrasonic Firewall. Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Multimedia. ACM Multimedia Conference, Seoul, South Korea.