Dipl.-Ing. Kajetan Enge BSc

  • Junior Researcher
    Media Creation Research Group
    Institute of Creative\Media/Technologies
  • Department of Media and Digital Technologies
Location: A - Campus-Platz 1


  • Media and Digital Technologies


Short CV

  • 2020: Junior researcher and PhD student in the research fields of sonification and visualization.
  • 2008: Project manager for La Strada Graz - International Festival for Street and Puppet Theater.
  • 2015: Stage manager for Arsonore - International Music Festival Schloss Eggenberg Graz.
  • 2017 - 2019: Sound technician/acoustician, Dr. Pfeiler GmbH, Graz.
  • 2016 - 2018: Student assistant, Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz.


Enge, K. (2021, June 25). Exploratory Data Analysis using Multimodal Representations: Joint Sonification and Visualization - ICAD Student Think Tank 2021 [Presentation]. ICAD Student Think Tank 2021, Virtual Meeting.
Enge, K. (2021, June 18). Listening experiment on the plausibility of acoustic modeling in virtual reality [Invited Talk]. All Around Audio Symposium 2021, St. Pölten, Austria.
Enge, K., Wasserfall, S., & Frauscher, E. (2021, December 5). Workshop on the Virtual Urban Soundscape Designer [Workshop]. klingt gut! symposium on sound 2021, Hamburg.
Enge, K., Rind, A., Iber, M., Höldrich, R., & Aigner, W. (2021). It’s about Time: Adopting Theoretical Constructs from Visualization for Sonification. Proceedings of the 16th International Audio Mostly Conference (AM"21), 64–71.