Dr. Wolfgang Aigner

  • Head of Research Institute
    Institute of Creative\Media/Technologies
  • Lecturer
  • Department of Media and Digital Technologies
Location: Matthias Corvinus-Straße 15
M: +43 (676) 847 228 611

Study programmes

  • Digital Media Technologies (MA)
  • Smart Engineering (BA)
  • Media Technology (BA)
  • Interactive Technologies (MA)
  • Digital Design (MA)
  • Digital Media Production (MA)


  • Media and Digital Technologies

Research topics: Information Visualization (InfoVis) • Visual Analytics • Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) • User-Centered Design

Wolfgang is an expert in Information Visualization (InfoVis) and Visual Analytics (VA), particularly in the context of time-oriented data. He performs research on concepts, methods, and software prototypes that support humans in dealing with large and complex information structures, to make them more comprehensible, facilitate exploration, and enable knowledge discovery. Wolfgang has authored and co-authored more than 125 peer-reviewed articles and is an author of the book “Visualization of Time-Oriented Data” (Springer, 2011) that is devoted to a systematic view of this topic.
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Selected Projects

VALiD - Visual Analytics in Data-Driven Journalism

As data journalists face increasingly complex and heterogeneous data, the research project works on suitable Visual Analytics methods and their integration into journalistic workflows.

VisOnFire. Understanding and visualizing workflows

Visual Analysis of Large and Heterogeneous Scientific Workflows for Analytical Provenance. - A new visual forensic tool realizes the visualisation of data analysis workflows and helps to increase the ...


Multi-Device Ecologies Towards Elaborate User Experience discusses issues of relevance regarding interaction design and user experience design and aims at an integrated use of media technology devices...


Online Resources

Software: Prototypes & Libraries

  • Netflower - Interactive web application for visual exploration of flows in dynamic networks
  • TaCo - Interactive web application for visualizing changes in tables over time
  • PubViz - JavaScript library for interactive visualization of publication data
  • EvalBench - Software library for visualization evaluation
  • TimeBench - Data model and software library for visual analytics of time-oriented data

Selected publications

Stoiber, C., Rind, A., Grassinger, F., Gutounig, R., Goldgruber, E., Sedlmair, M., Emrich, S., & Aigner, W. (2019). netflower: Dynamic Network Visualization for Data Journalists. Computer Graphics Forum (EuroVis "19), 38.
Niederer, C., Stitz, H., Hourieh, R., Grassinger, F., Aigner, W., & Streit, M. (2018). TACO: Visualizing Changes in Tables Over Time. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (InfoVis "17), 24(1), 677–686.
Wagner, M., Slijepcevic, D., Horsak, B., Rind, A., Zeppelzauer, M., & Aigner, W. (2018). KAVAGait: Knowledge-Assisted Visual Analytics for Clinical Gait Analysis. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG), 25(3), 1528–1542.
Wagner, M., Rind, A., Thür, N., & Aigner, W. (2017). A knowledge-assisted visual malware analysis system: design, validation, and reflection of KAMAS. Computers & Security, 67, 1–15.
Tominski, C., Aigner, W., Miksch, S., & Schumann, H. (2017). Images of Time: Visual Representation of Time-Oriented Data. In A. Black, P. Luna, O. Lund, & S. Walker (Eds.), Information Design: Research and Practice (pp. 23–42). Gower/Routledge.
Federico, P., Wagner, M., Rind, A., Amor-Amorós, A., Miksch, S., & Aigner, W. (2017). The Role of Explicit Knowledge: A Conceptual Model of Knowledge-Assisted Visual Analytics. IEEE Conference on Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST), 92–103.
Rind, A., Aigner, W., Wagner, M., Miksch, S., & Lammarsch, T. (2016). Task Cube: A Three-Dimensional Conceptual Space of User Tasks in Visualization Design and Evaluation. Information Visualization, 15(4), 288–300.
Blumenstein, K., Niederer, C., Wagner, M., Schmiedl, G., Rind, A., & Aigner, W. (2016). Evaluating Information Visualization on Mobile Devices: Gaps and Challenges in the Empirical Evaluation Design Space. Proceedings of 2016 Workshop on Beyond Time And Errors: Novel Evaluation Methods For Visualization, 125–132.
Wagner, M., Fischer, F., Luh, R., Haberson, A., Rind, A., Keim, D. A., & Aigner, W. (2015). A Survey of Visualization Systems for Malware Analysis. In R. Borgo, F. Ganovelli, & I. Viola (Eds.), Eurographics Conference on Visualization (EuroVis) - STARs (pp. 105–125). The Eurographics Association.
Stitz, H., Gratzl, S., Aigner, W., & Streit, M. (2015). ThermalPlot: Visualizing Multi-Attribute Time-Series Data Using a Thermal Metaphor. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 22, 2594–2607.
Aigner, W., Miksch, S., Schumann, H., & Tominski, C. (2015). Visualization Techniques for Time-Oriented Data. In M. O. Ward, G. Grinstein, & D. Keim (Eds.), Interactive Data Visualization: Foundations, Techniques, and Applications (2nd ed., pp. 253–284). A K Peters/CRC Press.
Alsallakh, B., Micallef, L., Aigner, W., Hauser, H., Miksch, S., & Rodgers, P. (2015). The State-of-the-Art of Set Visualization. Computer Graphics Forum, Early view.
Miksch, S., & Aigner, W. (2014). A Matter of Time: Applying a Data-Users-Tasks Design Triangle to Visual Analytics of Time-Oriented Data. Computers & Graphics, 38, 286–290.
Alsallakh, B., Aigner, W., Miksch, S., & Hauser, H. (2013). Radial Sets: Interactive Visual Analysis of Large Overlapping Sets. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (Proceedings of InfoVis), 19, 2496–2505.
Rind, A., Lammarsch, T., Aigner, W., Alsallakh, B., & Miksch, S. (2013). TimeBench: A Data Model and Software Library for Visual Analytics of Time-Oriented Data. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 19(12), 2247–2256.
Aigner, W., Hoffmann, S., & Rind, A. (2013). EvalBench: A Software Library for Visualization Evaluation. Computer Graphics Forum, 32(3), 41–50.
Rind, A., Wang, T. D., Aigner, W., Miksch, S., Wongsuphasawat, K., Plaisant, C., & Shneiderman, B. (2013). Interactive Information Visualization to Explore and Query Electronic Health Records. Foundations and Trends in Human–Computer Interaction, 5(3), 207–298.
Aigner, W., Rind, A., & Hoffmann, S. (2012). Comparative Evaluation of an Interactive Time-Series Visualization that Combines Quantitative Data with Qualitative Abstractions. Computer Graphics Forum, 31(3), 995–1004.
Alsallakh, B., Aigner, W., Miksch, S., & Gröller, E. (2012). Reinventing the Contingency Wheel: Scalable Visual Analytics of Large Categorical Data. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (Proceedings of IEEE VAST 2012), 18(12), 2849–2858.
Aigner, W., Kainz, C., Ma, R., & Miksch, S. (2011). Bertin was Right: An Empirical Evaluation of Indexing to Compare Multivariate Time-Series Data Using Line Plots. Computer Graphics Forum, 30(1), 215–228.
Schneider, T., & Aigner, W. (2011). A-Plan: Integrating Interactive Visualization With Automated Planning for Cooperative Resource Scheduling. Proceedings of International Conference on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Technologies (I-KNOW), Special Track on Theory and Applications of Visual Analytics (TAVA), 44:1–44:8.
Aigner, W., Miksch, S., Schumann, H., & Tominski, C. (2011). Visualization of Time-Oriented Data. Springer Verlag;
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Aigner, W., Kaiser, K., & Miksch, S. (2008). Visualization Techniques to Support Authoring, Execution, and Maintenance of Clinical Guidelines. In A. ten Teije, P. Lucas, & S. Miksch (Eds.), Computer-Based Medical Guidelines and Protocols: A Primer and Current Trends (pp. 140–159). IOS Press, Health Technology and Informatics.
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Aigner, W., Miksch, S., Müller, W., Schumann, H., & Tominski, C. (2007). Visualizing Time-Oriented Data - A Systematic View. Computers & Graphics, 31(3), 401–409.
Aigner, W., & Miksch, S. (2006). CareVis: Integrated Visualization of Computerized Protocols and Temporal Patient Data. Artifical Intelligence in Medicine (AIIM), 37(3), 203–218.

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Demo Video of visualization research shown at European Researchers' Night 2015 in Vienna.
Video summarizing the creative media summer school workshop "Telling Stories with Data", that took place June 25-29, 2018 @ St. Poelten University of Applied Sciences, Austria.
Music credits:
Our Big Adventure (Scott Holmes) under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0
Injecting Life into Visualizations for Biomedical Research
Marc Streit (Johannes Kepler University), Wolfgang Aigner (St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences), Dominic Girardi (RISC Software GmbH)
DBMI Open Insights Seminar at Harvard University
10 Jahre Wissensbilanz & unidata

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